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Tired of Boring Biographies ?

To usher in the age of Pure-bred relief from the chronic boredom and disappointment inherent in the introductions of a majority of the generic specimens of the masses, I present to you the following lines that are intended for comical relief and it should be read in the same light :

So, you wish to know about Rohit Midha?

I guess the very fact that you’re reading this, underlines that. I bet you already know you’re supremely far from the first one! Anyhow, I’ll still honour your desire! The name is Rohit Midha, born on 23rd of March. You wish to know more?

Well.. Okay.

Ambitious, top achiever in a variety of fields, extroverted - introvert, highly well informed and well known(?), and well.. need I dwell into coding skills?

I’m pretty certain you’ve already indulged and deeply enticed yourself with the posts.

Feeling technical much?


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